We Love Paleo chats with That Paleo Show!


Ok, so those of you who personally know me, know that I try to stay out of the spotlight… at all costs. Nevertheless, when the guys from That Paleo Show in Australia approached us for an interview we emphatically said YES!

So an interview I did… at 3 am in the morning (our local time). I’ll admit I was a bit groggy at first and had to ‘warm up’ so to speak but…

It was all worth it, cause I had fun and felt honored to be discussing about We Love Paleo with such dedicated people. These guys are truly committed to sharing what they know about health and well being with everyone they come in contact with ‘in a big way’, which is no doubt admirable.

To listen to the interview go to: http://thewellnesscouch.com/tps/tps-73-we-love-paleo-documentary-interview-with-indie-filmmaker-caroleen-moise-reimann

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