Very LAST chance for early birds prices!


Caroleen here.

I personally hate it when I don’t get a fair warning. Like when you go to the store and they tell you that the 30% discount on your favorite brand of raw coconut oil “ended yesterday”. Right?

Some would say you snooze you lose but we like to think that people are busy and have lots of stuff to take care of and might forget about yet important things to do.

Like getting their copy of We Love Paleo before the price goes up (because it will definitely go up) on January 1 2016—date at which our US distributor launches the film online, worldwide. (NOTE: If you were one of our Indiegogo backers, please know that on November 2, we emailed you a link to watch the film ahead of the release date.)

Therefore, as of 01.01.2016 We Love Paleo will be released worldwide under LOVE PALEO.

We talked about our slight name change in another post and we think the ”new” name remains recognisable enough for our fans and general audience to make the connection! Besides, our website, online shop, social media pages and IMDB profile will still show up as We Love Paleo and will not be affected by the change.

Come New Year’s day the film will be available on all the following platforms:
Google Play,
Movies YouTube (transactional),
Verizon FiOS
Rogers (Canada)
Eastlink (Canada)
Shaw (Canada)

And that’s just the start of it. Talk about bringing paleo to the world!

So we hope you take advantage of this “heads up” to go and get your copy on our shop before we put the prices up (which are still being discussed with our partners).

We’ll keep you informed regarding language subtitling (French, German and Spanish are currently in the works) so that you can share with your non-English speaking networks around the globe.

Until then, stay fit and healthy!

Caroleen and the We Love Paleo team