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Here are a few online resources and links we would like to share with you… all these have provided and continue to provide us with great knowledge and inspiration to perpetual, better health! We suggest bookmarking this page and revisit from time to time… as it will be updated frequently. — And no, we don’t get a dime for posting these on our website.

Books + Resources from our Cast

We would be remiss if we didn’t share with you the links to our people’s ebooks and online resources, so here it is…

Dr. John Briffa: You can find out more about him on Dr. John Briffa. He is also the author of various books. His most popular book, Escape the Diet Trap, is a well-explained read on the biochemistry supporting the tenants of the lifestyle.

Cain Credicott: You heard the story in We Love Paleo behind Cain and the creation of Paleo Magazine… And the publication truly doesn’t disappoint!  The print is available in the US and Canada. Not in these countries? Get the eMag instead!

Darryl Edwards: Aka The Fitness Explorer‘s first book Paleo Fitness is truly chock full of insight about the human body and why the conventional approach to exercise just isn’t working. Darryl also wrote the movement’s first ever reference manual called Paleo from A to Z.

Dr. Patricia Sylwester and Michael A. Farley: Vital Rejuvenation is an anti-ageing clinic based in Olympia Washington.

Johaness Kwella: Johaness Kwella’s (aka Jay) YouTube channel (if you understand German) and his CrossFit gym featured in the documentary: Spree Crossfit.

Boris and Rodrigo Leite-Poço: All of Boris’ and Rodrigo’s very best recipes in one wonderful, colorful, unique cookbook called Das Paleo Prinzip. Only available in German at present: just find yourself a German friend and bribe them with food in exchange for translation.

Irena MacriEat Drink Paleo was Irena’s very first paleo cookbook. The photography is as homemade as the cooking yet astonishing; it makes for a great coffee table book! Happy Go Paleo, Irena second cookbook which was released in September 2015. It’s more relaxed and bends the rules a lil’ by mixing in some non-paleo foods to the recipes– hence the slogan “Fun, healthy meals from my 80/20 kitchen” It still a pretty awesome book and perhaps perfect for people transitioning to the Eat Real Food lifestyle. People based in AUSTRALIA can get the ebook version here. For her successful blog, Eat Drink Paleo click here.

Simone Miller: Ever heard of Plantain Shoestring Fries what about Jicama Slaw? If not it’s because you don’t own Simone Miller’s Zen Belly Cookbook yet. Go get it now! Her blog has a lot to offer as well: And stay tuned because we hear Simone’s working on her second book of scrumptious recipes!

Michelle Norris: It’s big, it’s awesome and takes place in Austin every year. So make sure to check out Paleo f(x), the world’s biggest convention on ancestral health is full of videos and content for anyone wanting to embark on this journey.

Naomi Seifter: Picnik Austin is located in the heart of this vibrant city on Lamar Boulevard; If you’re ever in the vicinity, make sure to go say hello to the guys at the paleo-friendly cafe!



All (read most) Paleo Podcasts on the one page: There are more sources for information on ancestral diets than ever! It is dizzying sometimes; this page is a great place to access most of your audio health-tidbits! 

Bare Root Girl: I like Angela Gallardo. She’s relatable, passionate and there is that aura of personability about her. AND her website rocks: it’s clean, simple, the photographs are tops… and the quality info is well-categorized.

Bullet Proof: These guys helped us whilst we were raising production money to make WLP, so we’d like to return the favor by spreading the word about them! And although they are very well known in the US, not certain that is the case elsewhere in the world. They have great tasting coffee ship worldwide and have a plethora of other quality products to offer. Venture to their online store at your own risk… you won’t know what to choose from!

Chris Kresser: A strong proponent of low-carb eating and leader in the ancestral health movement, Chris Kresser offers a multitude of resources and articles on everything from auto-immune diseases to heart disease and thyroid dysfunction. The go-to site to check out what maladies might behind one’s symptoms.

Paleo io: Don’t know if you can eat this or that? No worries: download the App and never be in the dark ever again! The App is pretty good technically and quality-wise; it gets our tick of approval.

Paleo Leap: A very well-known longstanding website for all-things-paleo. Subscribing to their website comes with a neat 35-page colored cookbook filled with scrumptious recipes. Oh, and go here for a FREE 7-day planner trial and here for their Interactive 30-day Program.

Natonic: A good resource for everything natural, organic and unprocessed. Loads of great natural products’ brands.

Mark’s Daily Apple (aka MDA): It’s pretty much the mecca for everything primal and paleo. Mark makes an appearance in our film and has contributed hugely in spreading the word when it comes to living a healthy “alternative” lifestyle. Check out his success stories too!

To get FREE goodies, such as a Primal Blueprint Fitness eBook, Primal Shopping Guide eBook, eCookbooks and much more, just click here!

Primal Body Primal Mind: Nora Gedgaudas’ website. Her mantra: Beyond the paleo diet for total health and a longer life.

Robb Wolf: Another go-to website that never disappoints. Blog posts are written by contributors and what I like about Robb is that thanks to his scientific background (he’s a former biochemist), he’s always willing to consider opposing opinions… for all the geeks out there: there’s a lot of scientific data to sink your teeth into.

That Paleo Show: We had the honor of being on the show to talk about our film and speak with these fab Aussies! Their website is chock full of interviews, podcasts and other great resources from Down Under but also from the ever-growing paleo community.

The Happy Body Formula: A relatively recent addition to the paleo community, this brand offers a complete well-rounded health program to outstanding health. Their slogan? “9 Weeks To Feeling Amazing”. It also involves our cast member Irena Macri as one of the hosts, so check it out!


French Self-proclaimed largest French language site covering ancestral health, Bmoove is run by a French couple, Will and Blandine who themselves follow a paleo lifestyle. The native French speakers amongst our filmmaking team will attest that it is pretty good with reliable sources and interesting articles on everything-paleo! BMoove’s Private Facebook page with its 10 000 members and YouTube channel. A clean, concise Paleo resource for French speakers!


German German website with friendly Iris at its helm. A very good paleo resource for German speakers. We recently became aware of this blog. It’s full of great advice for expectant mothers who want to know what best practices to follow to have healthy pregnancies. The author, Darja Wagner Ph.D., a mom herself (obviously) AND a cell biologist Ph. D. (no less!), has written a truly insightful book (a #1 Bestseller in the Category Reproductive Medicine on Amazon) on the matter of child bearing and the paleo lifestyle. Check it out here.


Portuguese one of the most accessed paleo blogs in Brazil to the tune of around 350k visits/month. This site is complete with case studies from people having lost the bulge eating the ancestral way, articles from various prominent authors supporting the movement (think Chris Kresser, Andreas Eenfeldt, Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz, Mark Sisson to name only a few). You can also purchase books, coaching and apps to help you on your journey! We recommend this for all Lusophones out there!


Spanish Fresh Spanish-language blog, run by two Paleo cross fit sisters. We highly recommend their blog for its high-quality content!


Recommended Books and Mags

Good Calorie, Bad Calorie: Not only is Gary Taubes a great writer, he’s also got some phenomenal investigating mojo… not to mention a knack for communicating things simply, yet effectively.

Grain Brain: By Dr. David Perlmutter,  a phenomenal book for anyone wanting to dig deep into the reasons why your brain is better off grains… forever.

The Primal Blueprint: This is how the director of WLP, Caroleen, got into paleo!

The Paleo Solution: A great easy read and very comprehensive. Will suit anyone, even younger people wanting to get healthy. Not one to chew his words, Robb has a no-nonsense approach that makes it really easy to follow and quite a developed sense of humor.

Wheat Belly: By Dr. William Davis. We’ve quoted him on WLP. And he’s frankly very blunt when it comes to the negative effects wheat has on human health.

Why we Get Fat and What to Do About It: Same author as above, same enlightening read. why we Get Fat has 4.5 stars and 1495 reviews. I rest my case.


Restaurants & Cafes

It’s happening guys, everywhere people are starting to wake up and smell the coffee… Yup, more and more venues are not only starting to offer Paleo/primal alternatives to their customers but some transformed peeps out there are courageously taking the leap and opening paleo restaurants. Great grungy and delightfully decorated Paleo cafe in the Urban Jungle that is Berlin. The food is good and you can eat for cheap whilst feeding your body with quality stuff. It’s adjacent to Spree Crossfit Gym… and you can see the place in our film!

Paleo Cafe: The first paleo franchise WORLDWIDE. These guys deserve applauds for putting everything on the line and starting this venture. The business is growing and with now XYZ cafes across the country, they’re bound to expand beyond Australian borders soon!

Picnik Austin: Of course, if you’ve seen our film you know these guys already… Naomi was the brave soul who opened a paleo food truck in Austin Texas and never looked back! They were the first to ever do so in the US, too back in 2013.


Other Cool Stuff

Chief: A very fresh and new find for us, Chief is a deliciously scrumptious protein bar made out of beef or lamb. I recently discovered this product along with the owner/creator, Veronika who lives here in Sydney, Australia. Unlike many protein bars out there, Chief is simply made out of grass-fed beef, almond and cranberry or grass-fed lamb, almond, currants. It’s 100% animal-protein based (as opposed to a lot of the competitors who make theirs with soy or whey protein and add tons of sugar to make it palatable. It’s also chemical, preservative, dairy and gluten free; it’s completely paleo! What I personally loved about the bars is that they taste just like a homemade roast, no joke! We think its cool slogan “Eat Like a Chief” says it all.

Origym: Whilst Origym is in the business of providing courses and certifications for would be personal trainers in the UK (hence most of their blog articles being geared toward all things personal fitness), they do have a few solid pieces on nutrition (and fitness) which with we can wholeheartedly agree with. One of these articles is a 6588-word blog article comparing Keto, Paleo and Whole30. Take the time to read it if you’re wanting a comprehensive view of the differences between the lifestyles. Perfect for the uninitiated looking to delve into the realm of ancestral health.

Ketonix: A cool little device that allows you to measure the level of ketones in your breath! It’s very popular amongst the very-low carbers and ketogenic dieters and can help assist you with your weight loss… Cause what gets measured gets managed.

Smart Desk: We hear it over and over lately: sitting for too long truly isn’t good for ya! Thank god for companies like Smart Desk. They designed a standing desk that actually talks to you! How wonderful is this? No wonder they crushed it on both Indiegogo AND Kickstarter!

Stand Desk: If you’re not up for a desk that talks to you or looking for a slighter cheaper option, go for these guys!

Finally, check out the cool infographic from Natonic below! You can find it on their homepage when you scroll down a bit.