We Love Paleo: Released Trailer

Hi guys, Caroleen here.

Today marks an important milestone in any film’s development process.—It’s the day we share We Love Paleo’s trailer with the rest of the world!

While this is long overdue, we hope you will find it entertaining, enticing and that it ultimately makes you want to see the film once it’s released. (Read on for more details about that.)

Our goal with We Love Paleo is to reach a larger, more mainstream group of people who might otherwise never come across the paleo principles and ultimately inspire them to try it out for themselves. All this whilst entertaining them with a good story.

There’s something in it for paleo enthusiasts too, who will probably enjoy the fact that there’s (finally) a film touching on obvious topics such as nutrition, but also, fasting, sprinting, movement, chronic cardio, sleep and lots more.

Enjoy and thanks in advance for sharing our trailer with anyone and everyone you think WLP might benefit once it comes out!

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1- Is it finished? Nope. But we’re almost there!

We’re still working on animations that pack a punch. Bootstrapping the whole post-production (as you probably already know from earlier posts) and completing motion graphics ourselves to the highest possible standard along with chasing up external media clearances (which often takes a long time) has proven to take way longer than expected… Thanks for having faith in us.

2- Why did you create a trailer before finishing the film? We felt like you can only stop sharing material with your audience for so long before people start thinking the film will never come out or (worse) forget about it altogether. It was therefore imperative that we have something to show for all our hard work even if some of our better animations didn’t make it into the trailer. Thus although WLP will be showcasing plenty more animations, great clips and archival footage… there’s only so much you can show within a 3-minute clip.

3- When are you releasing it? There’s a lot of chasing around for formal permission when you’re using other people’s material (such as photos, video, etc.).—This is where I secretly wish I was Sofia Coppola and could readily use my “filmmaker’s magic wand” (i.e. the phone) to get everything sorted almost instantly. This said, we really don’t see ourselves releasing the film beyond summer 2015.

4- Is this the only trailer for the film? Yes, unless a third party (aka a film distributor) wanted to cut a new version. We’re now focussing on getting WLP passed the finish line within the next couple of months.

5- Will you be submitting the film to festivals? Yes, we do have some in mind. Our approach is to submit the film to festivals that don’t require us to premiere at their event since we don’t want our audience to wait any longer to enjoy our debut feature documentary. We’ll surely keep you posted on those developments as well.

That’s it for today!

Speak to you soon again,



Hello everyone,

We decided to go with not 1 but 2 posters. This allows us to use 2 different taglines instead of just 1, now that to us sounds like a good idea!

So… here they are below my friends. We hope you like them…

Have a great week-end!























We Love Paleo: May Update

We hope you’re all doing well and crushing it so far this year!

This update was long over due, and we surely didn’t mean to keep you in the dark. My co-producer, Tjard, and I have been working tirelessly on the edit and it is now almost finish.

So far, the feedback we’ve been receiving on the rough cut is very good and we’re confident you’ll like the end result. One of my main goals as a filmmaker was to make a film that would wet the appetite of the none initiated… Something that would leave them hungry (pun intended) for more. I wanted a film that would help “paleotarians”, broadly explain the main tenants of this lifestyle to their friends and family… I would say so far we’re ticking that box.

We’re a tad late on schedule, and we hope you won’t hold this against us too much. Some clearance issues are still pending for materials in the film, however we’re working very hard on this. We also have had a setback with completing the film simply because we’ve had post-production work produced earlier which no longer suit our vision today. Things evolve, so we’re back to the drawing board with a new plan.

We’re at the point where the film will soon be sent off to our audio mixer and color grader who will work their magic; We should have an OFFICIAL trailer for WLP very soon.

The good thing about post-production delays? We think the film will be a much better one, as we had more time to develop its story, our objectives and the overall quality that we believe the piece deserves. We owe it to YOU, the film and ourselves to make the best possible film we can possibly make with the resources at hand.

Since we surpassed our funding goal, We Love Paleo is eligible for InDemand thus we’re strongly considering joining this new program, which allows us to receive (much additional) from supporters on an ongoing base in exchange for EXCLUSIVE-to-Indiegogo rewards. 

Stay abreast of all new developments by following us on twitter @welovepaleo. And also go right ahead and subscribe to our newsletter now for regular updates to receive news on all-things WLP, you’ll be glad you did!

So thanks for bearing with us and we’ll speak to you again soon.

Caroleen and the WLP team


New year. New insight: working as a Producer on WLP.



I want to let you in on a little secret. I’m not Paleo. (Cue the shrill screams).

Way back, when I first begun working on We Love Paleo with our Director Caroleen, I thought that my biggest problem was going to be my dietary status. I couldn’t give up the opportunity to work on the film, nor the chance to scoff another donut. So I figured, something had to give if I was to work in a foreign world of tight bods and tasty meat juices. How could I contribute something to this team, other than my dedicated producing skills, and fit in?

It turns out that, while yes, the majority of our cast and crew is in fact Paleo, something could be gained from being the outsider of the group. Perhaps I could take advantage of this perspective and use it to make our case bigger and better…

Enter criticism.

You get a lot of this ‘criticism’ stuff when producing a feature film, especially when it’s the director’s first feature film, and even more so when you tell people, investors included, that a good portion of the funds are to be crowd funded. But add in the term ‘Documentary’, and the subject ‘Health’, and all manners are thrown out the window.

Believe it or not, overcoming the ‘funding’ obstacle may not have been the hardest challenge in producing We Love Paleo. It was the undeniable criticism of what our team stood for, that was the more sensitive issue to work around. Being able to support, justify, and represent your own film is essential, so as a non-Paleo, and member of the general SAD-eating public, I found myself in a strange dilemma: what if people find out? It turns out, that this was an unfounded worry, as I was able to embody the typical audience member, the outsider to paleo, intrigued by what they saw, and spurred on to find out more.

Problem is, opinions are as populous as 2 cent coins, and in today’s digital day and age, the web is littered with easily available comments and criticisms on just about anything.  As with any way of living, dieting, thinking, or behaving, everyone has a different way to do it, and in producing We Love Paleo, we knew that this would be an undeniable issue. The Paleo diet is not brand new. Actually, it’s tens of thousands of years old, but the movement as we see it today is still shiny enough to get people talking. In fact, the Paleo diet has been covered by Time magazine, The Telegraph UK, Scientific American, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and countless other online and print publications. So it’s no surprise that for the huge number of supporters there are of the Paleo diet, there are just as many critics, meaning that our team has to deal with criticism on a daily basis.

The Paleo lifestyle is not a religion, and we want people to think for themselves. It is infinitely more effective in the long run to make people aware of the health dangers that exist in modern life, rather than to force them to fit in a box of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Have you ever gone to the doctor about an ailment, and left feeling less sure about your diagnosis than when you entered? Everyone’s body is different, and what works for some, may not work for all. Evidently, through the medium of film, We Love Paleo succeeds in spreading our message of healthy eating and living to the masses. But more importantly, it is the individual, who thinks for him/herself, understands our message, weighs up the options, and reassess his/her lifestyle, eating habits, and routines that makes the difference. This is what Paleo thrives on, and the reason why today, it is so popular and talked about.



Sigourney (aka Ziggy)

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Post-Production Update or How a Film Can Become a Communication Tool

We Love Paleo--Irena Macri from Eat Drink Paleo


It’s time for an update on where we’re at, what we’ve done so far vs. what’s left to do, to call it a film!

First of all, you can watch our latest and greatest video piece by clicking here.

Whilst it is not a trailer, nor even the way in which the final product will be cut, it is a fairly good representation of the general tone, look, and feel for our independent feature, so we wholeheartedly recommend that you watch it and hope you enjoy what you see.

So, we’ve been busy on all ends, starting with getting the music themes right–if you haven’t heard samples of work in progress, take a moment to click here.

If it’s not the footage being stitched together to create a unique feel and a compelling story, it’s our animation style being fleshed out, so that we can come up with something that is both entertaining and which gets the message across.  Our small team is completely committed to finding the best way to communicate the most important information about this way of life.

Each and every time I sit down to edit, my first questions are invariably, always the same: ‘How can this film help people whilst staying interesting? How can this be used as a tool to reach the mainstream?’ 

Because, believe it or not, many people out in the world never read about health and nutrition.

Luckily, those same people who hardly ever surf the web hungry for information, that, mind you, would surely improve their health or better their lives, do watch films to entertain themselves after a hard day’s work.

Enter: We Love Paleo; with its cornucopia of well-constructed animations, statistics, quotes, imagery, tips, and charts. Whilst the film certainly isn’t about drowning people in a deep sea of boring data, it is about conveying information on how to start implementing the paleo lifestyle right there and then.

This, guys, is what we believe in, and why we’re doing this: to inspire and empower the guy or girl next door to start doing something about that diabetes, constant fatigue, or muffin top.

Perhaps one may find the idea of raising awareness about a (still very ‘niche’) lifestyle via a crowd-funded independent documentary, daft or naive. However, we choose to think that word-of-mouth, our grass root marketing efforts, and our fans’ support (such as yourself reading this right now), will bring the film to the forefront. Besides, films like Food Inc, Supersize Me, and Food Matters have all been able to create a positive impact out in the world and make a mark on our collective minds. More than ever, the world is ready for a film about paleo and what IT has done for countless individuals around the globe.

Plus, we honestly believe there’s something in We Love Paleo for everyone: whether it’s a revelation, useful information, entertainment, inspiration, food for thought (pun intended), empowerment, or all of the above!

Stay tuned for our Holiday Giveaway Madness, starting in less than 24 hours, as well as information about our future test screening to be held in London and elsewhere.

Until next time, be healthy and enjoy life.


Our BulletProof sweepstake winner: Cameron from L.A.!!!



Hi guys, Caroleen here.

Well we promised you a photo of our winner surrounded by his coffee bags and we’ve delivered: here he is in his rad pad and with his prime goodies!

During a phone conversation I had with him, Cameron said: ‘It so awesome to win this Bulletproof coffee prize, cause I really love the stuff!’ Well Cameron, enjoy your cup of Joe for the next year or so 😉 And make sure to tell everyone about We Love Paleo!

For the rest of you guys, thanks for entering our giveaway and please stay tuned as we have more exciting sweepstakes coming and this time… there shall be more than one winner!

Have a lovely day!

Caroleen–Indie Filmmaker


Documentary Post Production Update

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.12.14 am


Hi guys, Caroleen here.

If you found us a little quiet in the last few weeks, rest assure there’s a good reason for this: we’re hard at work editing We Love Paleo!

We wanted to take a moment however to fill you in on our editing progress and on what we have in store for you in the next few weeks.

First, despite being a micro team of 2 (and often 1.5) people, we are managing to cover good editing ground and are excited about what we’re seeing ‘come to life’ so far. Our composer, Ian Arber and us are currently putting a lot of thought in creating our ‘sound’ identity, for in our minds visuals and soundtrack are meant to be in symbiosis (and to be honest, I don’t know of a filmmaker who would tell you something different).

To say that this whole making-an-international-doc adventure is a piece of Paleo cake would be a big fat lie: the madness of taking on such a big project with such limited resources can only be explained by a genuine desire to bring massive awareness to this phenomenal lifestyle—and ultimately see our fellow human beings leading better more fulfilled lives. That the whole endeavor is fueled by our love for the film medium, our passion for storytelling and the excitement to be the first documentary on Paleo clearly labeled as such, also helps tremendously.

Over the last several weeks, we have seen our audience grow exponentially and emails from our followers have been multiplying. People are showing more and more interest and pre ordering our film packages and it is truly a privilege to be blessed with so much support. The fact that you guys are there, reading our posts and interacting and showing us the love everyday… It keeps us motivated and ‘pushing’ for that ultimate moment when we finally get to show you We Love Paleo on a big, medium or tiny screen!

Here’s what we have in store for you in the next couple of weeks…

Stay tuned for more video snippets!

We haven’t shown you anything since our 4-Minute Sneak Peak Introducing Naomi back in May (this year) and think it’s time we showed you some more! We’ll have at least two more cool excerpts to show you shortly, one of which features Cain Credicott of Paleo Magazine (seen in the screenshot above) and a handful of development updates as we delve further into the world of timelines, frames, waveforms, effects and color correction!

Along the way, we’ll also have some cool surprises that you guys are going to love plus more contests and fun stuff!

So, thanks again for your loyalty and if you haven’t done so yet…

Support independent filmmaking and grab We Love Paleo ahead of time, just go to: buy.welovepaleo.com

Until next time… be well everyone ans have a fantastic week-end!

Caroleen, Indie filmmaker

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