Don’t Miss Award-Winning Film, An Acquired Taste, Produced & Directer by our Very Own, Vanessa Lemaire

Today, we’re proud to introduce you to must-watch award winning feature documentary, An Acquired Taste.

Oh, and another cool thing about this excellent film? It was produced and directed by talented Vanessa Lemaire who’s also co-producing We Love Paleo 2.


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The film is about twelve-year old, Nick, Alex and Ashlie, who leave behind their modern lives and embark on a journey that is foreign to their parents. The Paleo food movement is growing across America. The teens belong to a young generation of mindful meat-eaters, who turns to hunting for the ultimate protein, as a more humane and ecological alternative to factory-farmsTo make a humane kill, these animal lovers confront tormenting ethics and their worst nightmares, partly to eat dinner, and partly to carve out their own identities in a world increasingly at odds with reality and nature. 

In this lyrical character-driven documentary, you will satisfy our everlasting curiosity on what connects us with the natural world, with our food and our primal heritage as human beings.

An Acquired Taste will see its national online premiere happen on November 1 this year after a successful festival run… but you can readily pre order your download and you will also receive the Director’s Cut + the official poster with your purchase.


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