Newly signed distribution deal with Leap Frog Films!

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The past couple of weeks have been quite alright…

We’ve screened our film at Notting Hill’s 105 year-old cinema, The Gate, for the first time. Many people from the UK paleo community were there and it was quite nice to step out from behind a computer screen and meet people face-to-face! (There shall be a lengthier post about the event complete with photos coming very soon…)

What I want to talk to you about today is the fact that our lil’ doco was “picked up” by an Australian distribution company. That’s right: our team is proud to announce that we’ve signed a deal with Leap Frog Films and they will be setting-up and facilitating theatrical screenings all around Australia in partnership with Tugg Australia and distributing the film in DVD later on and more! To be honest, it’s quite validating to have peers or industry decision makers come forward saying that they’re interested in working with you! Especially when your their company slogan is “Good stories, well told, with heart and substance.” Moreoveer, Leap Frog’s small team have a combined experience in the film industry of over 45 years.

What does this means in terms of actually showing the film to an audience? Well, for starters a cinema owner came forward and asked to host a couple indie films including ours; our first screening in Brisbane at the end of this month and hopefully many more by end of 2015.

We promise to keep you abreast of all further developments. From the emails we receive, we know you are very eager to see the film… So Australia here we come: it’s now time to rally the cinema-going troops and get people in front of We Love Paleo!

Until then, stay well.



Hello everyone,

We decided to go with not 1 but 2 posters. This allows us to use 2 different taglines instead of just 1, now that to us sounds like a good idea!

So… here they are below my friends. We hope you like them…

Have a great week-end!























Our Holiday Giveaway Madness: enter now!

We’ve done it again. This time around we’re giving even more cool prizes to our loyal audience!

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Our BulletProof sweepstake winner: Cameron from L.A.!!!



Hi guys, Caroleen here.

Well we promised you a photo of our winner surrounded by his coffee bags and we’ve delivered: here he is in his rad pad and with his prime goodies!

During a phone conversation I had with him, Cameron said: ‘It so awesome to win this Bulletproof coffee prize, cause I really love the stuff!’ Well Cameron, enjoy your cup of Joe for the next year or so 😉 And make sure to tell everyone about We Love Paleo!

For the rest of you guys, thanks for entering our giveaway and please stay tuned as we have more exciting sweepstakes coming and this time… there shall be more than one winner!

Have a lovely day!

Caroleen–Indie Filmmaker