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We Love Paleo 2—Teaser

The word is out, guys: we’re making We Love Paleo 2 and there’s no going back! If you read our last post from a couple days ago you would have seen that filming began at Paleo f(x) in Austin, last May. Our creative team composed of Co-producer Vanessa Lemaire (An Acquired Taste), Consulting Producer Jilann Spitzmiller (Still Dreaming, Shakespeare […]

We’re doing it again: We Love Paleo 2

Hi everyone, We’re completely stoked to let you know that we are doing it again. That’s right: we’re currently producing sequel feature documentary, We Love Paleo 2. Our main topic will be focussing on how consuming responsibly produced paleo foods can positively impact nature by being an active agent of its renewal. WLP2 has for main objective to introduce […]

Spanish subtitles straight from VHX

UPDATE: French, German and Czech subtitles have been added to the Spanish subtitles on VHX.tv. No need for iTunes; click here.  Cliquez ici pour regarder le film sous-titré en Français—Sélectionnez ensuite ”Français” dans la liste des langues sous-titrées. Ver la película en español subtitulada—Y seleccione “Español ” en la lista de idiomas para subtítulos. Unser Film auf […]

Our indie documentary now available subtitled in… Czech!

Watch the film now with Czech subtitles. | Podívejte se na film s českými titulky teď. We’re very happy to announce that you can now watch our film on VHX in Czech language. That’s right… Czech! Perhaps it’s your native language or you know someone who speaks Czech and could benefit from watching We Love Paleo in […]

Food Matters filmmaker James Colquhoun’s thoughts on We Love Paleo (aka Love Paleo)

Earlier this year our film was reviewed by respected Aussie documentary filmmaker James Colquhoun (who co-wrote, co-produced and co-directed the likes of Food Matters and Hungry for Change). Our debut documentary had been selected as part of FoodMatterTV‘s portfolio of quality films and that alone was great validation for us! Then came Colquhoun’s coverage on our piece as it was officially released. […]

We Love Paleo Live on iTunes Australia as ”Love Paleo”

Great news! Our film just received a PG rating from the Australian Classification Board last Friday. (Finally.) It is now live on iTunes in Australia and will also be available soon in Australia on FetchTV, Sony Playstation, X-Box, and Google Play. This means that we have yet a broader outreach to our audience and the […]

WLP available on iTunes in French, Spanish and German.

Hi Folks, Caroleen here. Wow, January  and February are already well behind us! Where did the time go? We hope you’re doing well so far and that everyone’s year started with a positive BANG! Ours certainly started very well with our distribution of We Love Paleo in French, German and Spanish since January 01.01.2016! As […]

Very LAST chance for early birds prices!

Caroleen here. I personally hate it when I don’t get a fair warning. Like when you go to the store and they tell you that the 30% discount on your favorite brand of raw coconut oil “ended yesterday”. Right? Some would say you snooze you lose but we like to think that people are busy […]

WLP announces a SECOND signed distribution deal!

Things are getting very exciting over here. We’ve signed yet another deal, this time with a large US film distribution company called Gravitas Ventures. They’re one of the biggest out there and are a well-respected, well-known distribution company. If you’re in the know when it comes to distribution in the US, you’ve definitely heard that name! So here’s how […]