Announcing WLP’s collaboration with talented Ian Arber

WLP’s got incredibly good news today…

We’ve just commissioned composer/musician Ian Arber to create a unique and enthralling soundtrack for our documentary. Our aim is to have a soundtrack that is distinctive and hopefully memorable. We were very thankful for Ian reaching out to us, saying he was up for the challenge and that he had to be part of this ‘amazing’ project.

We had been keeping our eyes pealed for artists who could fit the bill experience and talent wise, so we were truly delighted when the right composer came along… Just like that!

Curious about Ian? Find out more about him below!


Ian Arber - Our new composer!

” Ian Arber is a composer for film and television based in London, England. Ian composed the score for Scott L. Schwartz’s (Ocean’s 11, 12, 13) directorial debut feature “Changing Hands”, Steve Spel’s Psychological Crime-Thriller feature “The Window”, Matthew Campbell’s award-winning short “To Save One’s Self” and TV-Series “Citizen”, and Arya Moghaddam’s short films “Kia” and “Ambulance”. Additionally, Ian has worked for companies including Samsung, BBC, NBC, ABC and Endemol.

Ian is a classically trained cello and piano player, often incorporating these live in his scores. He always looking to bring an organic and unique sound to his projects by recording live elements where possible and composing original themes with character.”

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