We’re in Berlin… again!


Hi guys,

Caroleen here. This wonderful adventure that we call independent filmmaking continues as our team hits the road again to complete the last bit of filming in Berlin!

So… what are we doing in Berlin you might ask? Weren’t we supposed to be done with filming already?

Well technically, no.

Producing a documentary usually entails several bouts of filming spread over a few months (even years sometimes). Whilst the majority of our content was shot earlier in April, we still needed to come back here to film three of our subjects: Johaness Kwella (from Spree Crossfit spreecrossfit.de + Joe PaleoTV youtube.com/JoePaleoTV) at eatPerformance Café (eatPerformance.de), Rodrigo and Boris Leite (from Sauvage Berlin sauvageberlin.com). Hence us being in the magnificent metropolis again.

We’re hoping to film our subjects in their day-to-day work lives and also capture some cinematic shots of Berlin along the way.

So please stay tunes as we continue to develop this labor of love and post news about We Love Paleo’s post-production progress.

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Have a wonderful sunny week-end,